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How to make the best Hot Chocolate

Updated: Dec 10, 2022

Hot chocolate. Just saying the words can make your mouth water, your heart race and transport you to your happy place.

In just a single sip, you can experience feelings of comfort, happiness and pure pleasure. It’s like reading a sexy romance novel, without feeling guilty or having to hide it from your husband.

Hot chocolate characters…I mean varieties, can range from watery, flavorless and weak, too sexy, rich and delicious. So make sure to follow these easy steps to enjoy your hot and steamy cup to the fullest.

Number 1 -You have to begin with a high quality chocolate. If not you will be left less than satisfied. We proudly make our Rich and Dreamy Hot Chocolate from the finest Dutch processed cocoa. Dutch process cocoa has less acidity, giving it a smoother and more chocolaty flavor. When it comes to chocolate and pool boys, remember quality does matter.

Number 2 - The hotter the better. Hot water is key. Like a juicy love scene it has to be hot-real hot. This will help to keep you and your chocolate feeling the love long after it’s been stirred and who doesn’t want to feel hotter longer?

Number 3 - The last part of stirring up a perfect cup is a favorite mug. Drinks taste better in a special cup. My personal favorite is one that my husband gave me for Christmas in 1989. It’s chipped and a little faded, but fit’s my hand perfectly and after all these years it still keeps my cocoa warm-wink wink.

Number 4 - With your favorite mug ready, pour in the recommended amount of chocolate mix. Next add half the amount of water required (makes for less mess) and stir aggressively to dissolve. Finally the last bit of water, give it a gentle kiss…I mean stir and your perfect cup of cocoa is ready to go!

Triple X version - For a more adult hot chocolate, substitute 2 oz of the water for your favorite booze or try our Spicy Hot Chocolate. It is sure to satisfy and tickle your tongue with cinnamon, cardamon and a pinch of cayenne.

With colder weather coming, it’s the perfect time to pull out your favorite mug, get that water heating up and curl up in bed with a luscious cup of hot chocolate and the latest racy read.

Until next time,

Happy Sipping!


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