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Recipe: Live and Let Chai Tea-Latte

Updated: Jul 15, 2022

Chai season has once again graced us with her warm and magickal flavors. Just in time for sweater weather, fall leaves and cozy fireside sipping, chai tea lattes are all the rage. Chai simply means ‘tea’, but there is nothing simple about the complex and deep flavors in this ever growing and wildly popular drink. Save your self some time (and money) in the drive through line and make your own version with Live and Let Chai Tea. 

All you need is this easy recipe, a tall mug and your favorite sweater or fireside (optional of course). What you need:

2 heaping tsp Live and Let Chai Tea

4 oz cup water

4 oz cup warm milk: Dairy/Soy/Almond/Oat/or Cashew

2 tablespoons simple syrup 

Canned whipped crème. (optional) 

Cinnamon stick or powdered cinnamon

Steep tea in 4 oz boiling water for 10 min. to make a concentrate. Remove tea bags and add warmed milk of choice and sweeter. You can add more sweeter if you prefer. If you happen to have an immersion blender use that to give your chai a little frothiness. Add swirl of whipped crème-if you like and garnish with a sprinkle of nutmeg, a stick of cinnamon.  If you prefer your latte chilled (I love a cold latte in the summer) simply pour over ice and stir until cold.  Have fun and try different milks and sweeteners-there is no limit to this 

Happy Sipping,


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