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Bears and Squares

Walking through Dahlonega’s historic square, it’s easy to see why so many people are drawn to its Hallmark hometown vibe. With award winning wines, majestic views and quaint local shops, it is easy to see why Southern Living named Dahlonega, “Georgia’s Best Small Town” for 2023. Home of the some of the most popular festivals in the Southeast, Dahlonega’s 25th annual “Bear On The Square” will be this April 15th -16th. This popular two day event began after a small bear cub inadvertently wandered onto the Square and climbed a sycamore tree. With the help of the DNR she was safely returned to the wild, but not before she had drawn quite a crowd of on lookers. Several locals (aka Nuggets) decided that having a bear visit the square was a reason to celebrate, as well as it was a great excuse to get together to play music. And with that the “Bear on The Square” began.

Although the bear and the sycamore tree have been long gone, the tradition and the celebration lives on every year. Besides the best in Appalachian and bluegrass musicians and dancers, Bear on The Square hosts local crafts, great food, and folk artists. It is the perfect way to welcome Spring with this family friendly and fun weekend.

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