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Sweetest Week!

March 6th-12th, Dahlonega will be crawling with visitors looking for something sweet. The search to satisfy their sweet tooth will be fun and unique with over 10 local shops offering free chocolate samples. This year's annual Chocolate Crawl will be the most delicious ever!

Like Dahlonega chocolate’s history is rich and delicious and worth more than gold. In Mayan times, cacao beans were more valuable than gold dust and only royalty and the most wealthy. Unlike today, chocolate was served only as a hot drink until 1847 when British chocolatier Joseph Fry and his sons created the first ever ‘chocolate bar’. Fast forward and cross over the pond to America where in 1938 Ruth Wakefield added broken pieces of Nestlé semi-sweet chocolate to her cookie batter and the chocolate chip cookie was born. She eventually sold her yummy recipe to Nestle for a whopping “lifetime supply” of chocolate. Thank you Ruth for giving us, arguably, the most popular cookie of all-time!

Visitors to this year's Annual Chocolate Crawl will not only sample some of the finest treats, but have the chance to win big. Stop by the Visitor’s Center to pick up a “Chocolate Passport”. Then have your passport stamped at only 6 of the participating shops to be entered to win one of three prizes, including a free luxury stay at one of our beautiful local inns!

Whether you prefer your chocolate frozen, light, dark or iced Dahlonega’s Annual Chocolate Crawl has you covered.

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