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How to Usher in a Magickal New Year

As our year slows to an end and we begin to turn our attention and energy toward the new and promising year ahead, make sure to celebrate 2023's arrival with intention and with magick!

Here are a few ways I like to usher in a most magickal new year.

Clear Out The Old: With Mercury in retrograde from December 28, 2022 to January 18th, 2023, the New Year will be an even more powerful time for a cleansing/clearing ritual. A new year means new beginnings and clearing away negativity from the previous year makes way for a positive and light-filled 2023. Choose your favorite smudge (sage, palo santo, or dragon's blood) to smudge your space and yourself. "See" the smoke whisk away any negativity that you don't want to stick around in the New Year. Or soak in a magical bath with crystals and candles. It will energetically and physically rinse away the negativity and send it down the drain. Don't have a tub? No problem, you can always simply soak your feet for the same clearing (and relaxing) effect!

Create a Magickal Feast: Food is often an integral part of a New Year's celebration. I'm from the South, which means that New Year's Day will be spent cooking black-eyed peas, collard greens, and baking buttermilk cornbread. My grandmother taught me that if I cooked and partook of this traditional meal, I would have luck and prosperity throughout the entire year! She made her 'greens' with a mound of salt and a heaping spoonful of bacon grease. Today, I substitute the collard greens with kale, and that giant dripping spoonful of lard has been replaced with vegetable broth. It tastes great and is a much healthier start to the year. Add a pinch of magick to anything you cook by simply asking your food to bring you health, abundance, or whatever you desire!

Time To Divine: Divination is the practice of seeking guidance and insight through the use of mystical tools like oracle/tarot cards, pendulums, and the tried and true classic crystal ball. Use one or all to perform a divination ritual to gain insight into the year ahead and see what messages the universe has for you. Spoiler alert: If you get the Monthly Tea Subscription, 'Divination Tea' just might be the tea for January 😎😎.

Create a 2023 Altar: Create a New Year's manifestation altar with candles, crystals, and other items that represent your intentions for the upcoming year. If you already have an altar, this is also a great time to give it a refresh and recharge. You can do this by rearranging the items, adding new ones, or giving it a good dusting off. No one likes a dirty deity.

Set Your Intentions: The new year means new beginnings. Make sure to spend a moment to reflect on all the positives from 2022 that you will carry into 2023. Decide what you want from the upcoming year and imagine that you get it! Set your intentions with a vision board, by journaling, or by drawing. No matter how you express your desires, dream BIG! Twenty Twenty Three is going to be as amazing as you!

Remember to 'ring in' the New Year with a focus on 2023 being positive, prosperous, and filled with all the magick you can imagine!

I wish you and all those you love the most amazing of New Years!

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