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The Return of The Light

Yule is a celebration of light and the return of the sun. Starting Wednesday December 21, 2022 and ending January 1st 2023, Yule is the time for rebirth and renewal. A time to release the past and a time to honor the continuation of life.

While this ancient pagan celebration marks the longest night of the year and the slow return of longer days, it’s also a sacred time and therefore a time to reconnect with nature and your soul. Make sure to spend some time out of doors. I like to spend time collecting leaves, stones, pinecones and other offerings for my altar.

Celebrate this Winter’s Solstice by lighting a fire, a Yule log or simple red and green candles. Decorate your altar with holly, berries, bells and boughs. Burn warm incense like myrrh, frankincense, amber or vanilla. You can also add crystals like snowflake obsidian or garnet.

The foods of Yule include shortbreads, oranges, pears and spices like cinnamon, ginger and allspice. Herbs like rosemary and sage pair perfectly with this turn of the wheel and bring not only robust flavor, but protection and banishment of negative energy.

One of my favorite drinks of Yule is warm wassail, which is a spiced up apple cider that’s served warm with booze or not. Either way both are delicious and festive.

I hope your Yule is filled with great laughter, bountiful food and overflowing joy. May the peace and love of the season be yours and remain with you throughout the New Year.

Blessed Be- Lady Trinity

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